Geoff Walsh Memorial Scholarship

HVE and the Geoff Walsh Memorial Scholarship Committee took great pleasure in awarding scholarships to six successful applicants in 2022.

This page will announce when the Scholarship Committee is ready to receive applications for the 2023 Geoff Walsh Memorial Scholarship Fund! Watch this space!

In the meantime, check out below for general details and eligibility criteria.

Applications open when funding for the next round of scholarships is confirmed for you to receive financial assistance and encouragement to pursue your interest and endeavours to benefit the heavy vehicle transport industry. Applications generally open in September. Geoff Walsh himself received such a scholarship in 1983, which enabled him to travel to Australia and Canada to study the design of dynamic behaviour of heavy vehicles. Upon what he learned, personal enrichment and lifelong relationships developed, he built and invested in a career of invaluable and personally fulfilling service to the industry.

And now, such an opportunity is open to you.

Am I eligible?

This offer is open to Full Members, Affiliate Members, Student Members and employees of members of the HVE Group, NZTTMF or IRTENZ who wish to undertake some form of education, training, professional development or research.

  • Are you a new and perhaps younger engineer just starting out and keen to widen your knowledge and expertise in a certain field?
  • Do you work ‘on the tools’ and wish to upskill to become a designer and/or certifier by going back to study?
  • Do you know someone who needs encouragement to reach their obvious potential for their own benefit and that of the industry at large?
  • Are you a more seasoned engineer with a particular interest you wish to explore, probe and investigate more deeply?

In addition to the more formal training opportunities, it is recognized that in present times there are a number of engineers-in-training who need contact time with one or more senior HVSC Engineers to progress. The HVE Committee recognizes this as a valid form of professional development and therefore encourages applications for financial assistance to enable such informal training possibilities to be maximized. The HVE Committee regards the timely ‘graduation’ of new HVSCs into the system as a high priority to help relieve current pressures on the industry.

We encourage all members to recognize the opportunity this presents to develop personally and professionally and to become better equipped to contribute to the benefit, excellence and safety of heavy vehicle engineering in New Zealand.

How is the scholarship distributed?

A scholarship may be granted up to the full value of the fund available in any year. It may be awarded to one recipient or divided among two or more recipients. It may also be awarded in a single year or over multiple years. Any scholarships not awarded in any particular year will accumulate and may be granted later. HVE, or other sources, may even offer additional funding. The scholarship may cover any form of cost including, but not limited to, course fees, travel, accommodation, purchase of resource material.

What are my obligations?

If successful, after completing the activity received as a result of this scholarship, you may be asked to share skills or information gained in a presentation to a conference or other meeting of the HVE Group, NZTTMF, IRTENZ or wider industry. If anything else is expected of you, this will be made clear prior to the scholarship being granted, or in mutual agreement with you. You will also be asked to submit a one-page summary of what receiving the scholarship has meant for you. This will be shared with HVE Members at the next AGM, and donors, and posted here on the HVE website to promote the scholarship for other potential applicants and donors. 

What do I do now?

An Application Form relevant to the year of the scholarships being offered will be posted below. Your submitted application will be received by the HVE Committee and forwarded to a selection committee who will assess all applications and decide who should receive scholarships. Successful recipients of the Geoff Walsh Memorial Scholarship are announced at the HVE AGM. It is acceptable to apply for funding needs which precede the timing of the AGM. Please be prepared to supply further information, including referees, if required, and do take note that all decisions of HVE are binding and not open to debate.

What am I waiting for?

Download the 2022 Application Form to get an idea of what might be required, but remember …

Applications are not yet open for 2023!

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